The Battle Continues Between Bevin, Beshear and the Mainstream Media

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DATE: January 26, 2017

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The war of words between the Governor and Attorney General rose to new levels on Wednesday as Governor Bevin took exception to a story by Deborah Yetter in the Courier Journal saying that Attorney General Andy Beshear is defending the ultrasound bill recently passed in the General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

Governor Bevin said that Beshear’s request to be removed from the case shows he has no real intentions of defending either of the new pro-life laws, “He filed a motion stating he was taking no position and so he does not intend to defend either one of them.”  Gov. Bevin asserts the Attorney General is responding to the pressure of his political party rather than defending the laws of Kentucky, “The bottom line is there was a lot of pressure on him to not defend these and it’s from the people that support him and other liberals. I think he buckled to them rather than to the will of the people of Kentucky and that’s unfortunate, it’s irresponsible, and it’s a slap in the face to the taxpayers of Kentucky.”

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon Attorney General Beshear wrote, “My office is actively defending agencies sued over House Bill 2. In doing so, we have taken the most aggressive action possible, moving to have the entire case dismissed as to those agencies.”

In a Facebook Live post on Wednesday Governor Bevin took aim at the mainstream media. In a Wednesday afternoon interview with Richard Nelson of the Commonwealth Policy Center, Bevin said, “If something can be retweeted, reposted, liked, forwarded, or flagged that’s what it’s about. So more and more of the traditional media have become more and more tabloid like. Whether it’s true or whether it’s not true as long as it’s sensational and it gets people talking that’s what leads the charge now.” He says people should do their own investigating and that is the reason he’s using social media, “Don’t assume we or anything any individual says as straight up truth. Make your own interpretation as best as you see fit, but rather than waiting for something to be spun and then to be spun back to the truth we’ve just taken it straight to people through social media.”

Bevin’s video has been viewed more than 60,000 times on Facebook.


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Protecting Life in 2017 December 26, 2017 by Staff

You’re probably familiar with the Christmas story of the three wise men that visited Jesus and His family.  Remember, they were the ones that brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Did you know that Israel’s King wanted to use the three wise men to bring a quick end to Jesus?  That’s right, King Herod asked the wise men to return to him when they had found the baby Jesus so he could pay his respects to the Messiah… but his real motive was to kill him.  Well, the wise men were indeed wise and with some help from above they sniffed out Herod’s sinister plot but when he realized his plan was foiled, Herod got angry and sent an order to Bethlehem that all male babies two years old and younger were to be killed.  The challenge to end human life…and the government’s partnership in it…isn’t new.  Just as the wise men protected the valuable life of Jesus, let us be found protecting human life today as we find opportunities to do so.

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